Simple & minimal   (2018-, on going )


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I want to pursue what the freedom of expression is.

In paintings, for example, you only paint what you want and you don’t give any descriptions of the object if it isn’t needed. I want to do it in my photography. I don’t want to block human’s free imagination because of the expression of the reality within the photo-graphs. People would be stirred the interest freely from my artworks. This is my ideal for the photography. 

Ukiyo-e, traditional form of Japanese art, has given me many inspirations. Based on the Ukiyo-e style, I made the photographs tone flat and simplify the expres-sion. I erased the images that I thought unnecessary, and added the outline of the object, which I wanted to emphasize. And I omitted the details, which I thought were unnecessary, as much as possible.


I believe that being simple and minimal enriches people’s thoughts and imaginations, it leads to the liberation of the mind and give us a peaceful mind.

Dry Leaves of Lotus

Don’t you sometimes feel it is hard to live?
As I look at a dry lotus, it seems like I am seeing myself.
Stone Buddha Statues

Thoughts of people from about 1000 years ago
are filled in these stone Buddha statues.
Now, we are unable to know each of those thoughts.
An Old Castle

This castle was the number one castle in Japan which was built
about 400 years ago by the most powerful person then.
By no means, power will last forever. A pine tree is the only thing there now.

Cicada lives for about 10 years. In its last summer,
it falls in love with its best appearance, and then dies.

Fireworks make me remember my childhood days when I was filled with hope.
Fireworks set off into the sky, spring up and disappear together
with my memories.
Clouds, River Flow and People

Clouds, river flow and people are never static.
People wander in their austere training journey of life.
A Stone Buddha Statue (Eleven-Faces Kannon)

This stone Buddha statue is said to grant every wish to people.
I wonder how much sorrow she had accepted.
The "Miracle Pine"

The pine tree on the coast is the only thing that survived from the tsunami
of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.
People’s thoughts go to the repose of souls and recovery as they see the pine.
The Water of Kamo River

Tremendous amount of blood was shed in Kyoto because of struggle for power.
The river washes away conflicts, people’s desire, and sorrow.
An Old Cherry Tree

An old cherry tree is in full bloom again this year and will be out of bloom.
I am sure that it will come to show us beautiful flowers next year too.
Red Spider Lilies

Red spider lily is said to put an end to sorrow,
allows one to face oneself, and heal the heart.
Lotus Flowers

Once withered lotus flowers will make
noble and beautiful flowers bloom from the mud.


inkjet print

print media: Japanese paper

(1) Large size <edition number: 10> (IseWashi 'Kiyora Baseo')

      - media size: 950 x 420 mm (37.4 x 16.5 inch)

      - image size: 850 x 340 mm (33.5 x 13.4 inch)

(2) Small size (A2) <edition number: 20> (IseWashi 'IseHishi Husyo')

      - media size: 630 x 420 mm (24.8 x 16.5 inch)

      - image size: 550 x 220 mm (21.7 x 8.7 inch)


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