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Reflection of my state of mind
(2021-, on going )

English / 日本語


Have you ever thought it hard to live? I have swallowed the bitter pill of life just for earning money for living. Then the Covid-19 pandemic started. I restricted my movements for my weak family member. Gradually, I lost all desire to live. 

One day, I strolled in nature. I wanted to be free from this situation. While walking in nature, one tree caught my eyes. Perhaps I have been looking for something with which I can sympathize without realizing it. It looked lonely and was complex shaped. I identified the distress of my heart with it and considered my life. I felt my feelings recovered. 

There must be some shapes and pieces of a puzzle that will sympathize with and cuddle to you in nature. Nature is an irreplaceable place that reduces stress and saves me from an exhausting life. If I ever fall into hard times again, I will place myself in nature.


Printing: Archival pigment print

Media: Traditional Japanese paper (Ise Washi 'Basewo')

Image size: 340 x 340 mm (13.4 x 13.4 inch)​

Media size: 594 x 420 mm (23.4 x 16.5 inch)

Edition: 10

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