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Simple & minimal


English / 日本語

I want to pursue what the freedom of expression is.

In paintings, for example, you only paint what you want and you don’t give any descriptions of the object if it isn’t needed. I want to do it in my photography. I don’t want to block human’s free imagination because of the expression of the reality within the photo-graphs. People would be stirred the interest freely from my artworks. This is my ideal for the photography. 

There are many people who are tired and weary of their lives. Some people feel exhausted and have hard times to live through. I would like to create artworks which encourage people in such a hard situation. I think people need to conjure their imaginations. The expression of the reality blocks people’s free imagination. My artworks are not just the photography. I cut off the reality of things and I make it simple like Ukiyo-e. This artwork is a story of someone’s dream, which people in a hard situation become encouraged and start little by little to take steps forward. I hope people stir their imagination through my artworks.


Printing: Archival pigment print

Media: Traditional Japanese paper

(1) Large size <edition: 10> (Media: Ise Washi 'Kiyora Baseo')

      - Image size: 850 x 340 mm (33.5 x 13.4 inch)

      - Media size: 950 x 420 mm (37.4 x 16.5 inch)

(2) Small size (A2) <edition: 20> (Media: Ise Washi 'IseHishi Husyo')

      - Image size: 550 x 220 mm (21.7 x 8.7 inch)

      - Media size: 630 x 420 mm (24.8 x 16.5 inch)

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