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Reflection of my state of mind -II
(2022-, on going )

English / 日本語


We are surviving everyday lives. We need to get our dreams and imagination back. I have been swamped with daily life and obsessed with everyday matters. Unknowingly, I have lost room in my heart. While I have compared myself with others and thought of my own advantage, it created a lot of stress. When I realized other people saw me negatively, I felt uneasy, and it made me want to die. The evil eyes from others are the same as guns. It could cause people to commit suicide.

One day, I strolled in nature. I wanted to be free from this situation. While walking in nature, one tree caught my eyes. Perhaps I have been looking for something with which I can sympathize without realizing it. It looked lonely and was complex shaped. I identified the distress of my heart with it and considered my life. I felt my feelings recovered.

I want to get my dreams back. And I want to recover my spirit. People let their imaginations run freely and positively. I call them “dreams”. A real picture of life breaks my imagination and brings me back to reality. In my artworks, I cut off the reality of things. As animations that are drawn with lines take people across the globe to the world of imagination, I want my artworks to inspire people like that. Trees are represented by lines in my artworks, which relieve me from reality and take me to the dream world.



Printing: Archival pigment print

Media: Traditional Japanese paper (Ise Washi 'Basewo')

Image size: 340 x 340 mm (13.4 x 13.4 inch)​

Media size: 594 x 420 mm (23.4 x 16.5 inch)

Edition: 10

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